ruffles, ruffling, ruffled
1) VERB If you ruffle someone's hair, you move your hand backwards and forwards through it as a way of showing your affection towards them.

[V n] `Don't let that get you down,' he said ruffling Ben's dark curls.

2) VERB When the wind ruffles something such as the surface of the sea, it causes it to move gently in a wave-like motion. [LITERARY]

[V n] The evening breeze ruffled the pond...

[V n] A gust of breeze moved down the hillside, ruffling the grass.

3) VERB If something ruffles someone, it causes them to panic and lose their confidence or to become angry or upset.

[V n] I could tell that my refusal to allow him to ruffle me infuriated him.

[V n] Nothing could ruffle the perfect composure with which she casually greets members of staff.

4) V-ERG If a bird ruffles its feathers or if its feathers ruffle, they stand out on its body, for example when it is cleaning itself or when it is frightened.

[V n] Tame birds, when approached, will stretch out their necks and ruffle their neck feathering...

Its body plumage suddenly began to ruffle and swell so that he seemed almost twice his size.

[V-ing] ...a ruffling of wings.

5) N-COUNT: usu pl Ruffles are folds of cloth at the neck or the ends of the arms of a piece of clothing, or are sometimes sewn on things as a decoration.

...a white blouse with ruffles at the neck and cuffs.

6) PHRASE: V inflects To ruffle someone's feathers means to cause them to become very angry, nervous, or upset.

His direct, often abrasive approach will doubtless ruffle a few feathers...

Politicians are usually careful not to ruffle the feathers of their constituents.

English dictionary. 2008.

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